getting good now,coyote calling

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getting good now,coyote calling

Postby 870slugger » Sun Jun 02, 2019 7:34 pm

Ok we went calling . Bear season ended the day before, dang it.
End of May and most of June can a VERY good time to be calling coyotes, very active. A very good time to go and clean out the Big Bad Naraly dogs you just cant get killed. You'll never get them killed with rabbit or pray calls, you'll never get them killed parking along side a road and calling. These guys are in the deep bawls of there territory. We hunted marginal and extremely rugged country yesterday most sets were well over 3/4 mile from a road. Deep canyons covered in sage, yucca and prickly pear. Last Sat a buddy and I called in 5 and killed 0. This weekend we called in 8 and for sure killed 4 and quite sure we killed 2 more. Some where Long fleeting shots in very award shooting positions. Most of these guys will get in behind you and try an ambush or sent you, no coming up the coulee your looking down. And they did if you saw them they where just about to sent you or see you, FUN!!!!

The two in question ,we jumped at like 5 yards on out walks in and one on the way out. I always have my arms full of caller decoy and asst junk hard for snap shooting. One was hiding at the edge of a very flooded river hoping we would walk by , when it jumped up it took off across the flooded field giving us just enough time to unload and grab our 22 pistols and sling lead. It made it to the other side when it just ran out of blood we couldn't see it but all movement stopped, suspected dead. On the way out I stepped on one, That will get your heart started , again the two of us emptied our autos on it. WAY out on a ridge we could see it stop and cough blood about every 30 yards and it looked like it fell off on the back side of our accusable ground, 'nother one dead. The 4 others where all long shots and unreachable for photo shots . I did see one in my scope that dropped we tried but just could no reach it with out repelling gear, that would have been a cool mount. It's face was full of scars missing an ear and only part of a tail. A very old brawling monster for sure. OUT standing day

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Re: getting good now,coyote calling

Postby bullseye-69 » Mon Jun 03, 2019 4:25 pm

Thats great to get that many coming in to calls. Glad you knocked some down too.
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