prairie dogs 30/06, Tire guy, good day for sure

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prairie dogs 30/06, Tire guy, good day for sure

Postby 870slugger » Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:31 pm

My Tire Guy, also a life long friend, called me and said" Some one just gave me 4 boxes of '06 shells lets go shoot them off".
Some nit wit needed some tire work and did not have any $$$ so he bartered the shells. My buddy paid off his bill and snatched 80 asst 30/06 shells for about 44 cents apiece.
I said I know just the place, you drive.
Forecast was for 103* and 3 mph wind.
When we left at 4 am the wind was more like 15 and it was 59* by my out door thermometer. an hour and 15 minutes later it was just getting light and the wind was letting up.
We stopped at a place that is a good producer of coyotes and had to try. He had his 700 30/o6 and I had the TC 22/250. We quietly set up a 100 yards from the truck, which was out of sight and I hit the call.
My normal Female yodel and it stopped dang batteries went dead. I ran out and changed the 8 AA batteries and got back to my gun. I looked around and here is a coyote watching my every move from a high spot about 400 yards away, double dang, busted. I called and called it did come over again at about 200 but only showed it self for a split second . 25 minutes and we gathered up the stuff and drove another 10 miles and set out for the prairie dog town I had in mind. A short walk and the dogs where in our sights. Wind went down and the temps came up but very pleasant . The leasee had some cows in MY town but we managed to keep them to our backs and proceeded to go to work. By 9:30 he had managed to dust of every shell and I used about 75 my self. It was getting hot and we needed a snack anyway. Not a bad morning of carnage. I shot about 3 to 1 and my tire guy did about 5 to 1 not bad for asst unknown '06 shells I thought. We took the long way home and talked guns and took in the scenery .
All in all a very good day.



On a side note he did apply a good quantity of ICE to his shoulder the rest of the day HaHa
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Re: prairie dogs 30/06, Tire guy, good day for sure

Postby bullseye-69 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:17 am

Ha Ha Ha
Only out west could you get away with a barter like that.
30-06 is a bit much for pd but at.44 each who cares, well maybe your buddy's shoulder does. :D
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Re: prairie dogs 30/06, Tire guy, good day for sure

Postby Silverfox » Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:37 am

I have a buddy who used his .270 on prairie dogs. He had me do some reloading for him with some light weight bullets. When he hit a prairie dog it sure did some fantastic acrobatics!!! I'll be the 30-06 bullets made those prairie dogs do some nice flips too.

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